Are we serving it RIGHT to the customer?

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Did you know that an average consumer gets served about 600 brands in a single day through all kinds of media such as print, social and television commercials?
If we analyse his day, in those same 24 hours, his routine requires him to go to work, attend to his nutrition and carry out some essential daily activities.


So basically, in the exquisitely little time that he can find, he is overthrown with innumerable number of advertisements and he has to make a choice based on the little attention each ad grabs from him! In other words, there are just too many choices out there but a scary shortage of time to make a choice. The only thing that might make an impact and might let your product stand out is dependent on how your product presents itself.


So how do we go about it?


In order to answer this question, let’s first address some other questions to know if our products indulge in the right ways of marketing.


Firstly, Do you know your target market?


One should be very clear about the target group that your respective product is catering to. You have to be informed about the changing compositions of your audiences and what moves them. For instance, if your audience loves sports, you can go ahead and jump on trending hashtags about the latest big game or match. But if you’re targeting gamers who prefer pixel-fueled – rather than sweat-fueled – competition, you’re going to miss your mark.

In such a competitive world, seldom does it happen that “Shoot for the moon if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” This way you might end up shooting in the dark voids where no one exists.

It thus becomes highly essential to define your target group before stepping into the world of marketing. After knowing your target group, you can begin to design a plan around how to approach them so that they can NOTICE you, be curious to KNOW you, begin to LEARN who you are and LIKE you so that they eventually come and BUY from you.

However,in lieu of not missing anything, you sometimes try to blanket everyone with one marketing message. This actually works in the opposite way for you. You might lose half of your audience simply because it does not apply to them.

Therefore,once you identify the group, you will know how to reach them easier and you won’t have to invest so much into your marketing to get the results you want.
You’ll be more focused, more effective in your marketing strategies and be able to get a greater return on your marketing investment.


Secondly, Is your marketing strategy engaging them?


It is not wrong when experts of the marketing field state that our marketing strategy should be rock solid. You should have a plan in hand about how to launch and market your product but at the same time, your marketing strategy should be responsive as you cannot predict possibly everything.

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 11.15.50 pm

As 2013’s most remarkable marketing moments, we remember the oreo tweet during the 2013 superbowl. the 22 character tweet used a real time scenario (the lights shutting out in the big game) to showcase brand’s agility and creativity. It was a sheer stroke of marketing mastery and created a lot of buzz. The tweet was retweeted more than 10,000 times in one hour. While many other brands tried leveraging on this real time event, oreo tweet witnessed exceptionality because the time and the content for marketing was in a good sync.

With all the buzz that gets created with real-time marketing, there is no iota of doubt that even if the beauty of marketing lies in being spontaneous, true capitalization lies in planning.

Reiterating one of the quotes from our last blog, “if you cannot predict it, lets plan it!”
With all the justice to this quote, today marketers are hiring teams of social media specialists and community managers to sit in social command centers and monitor conversations during events. The teams find national and global events that are relevant to their brand and take many proactive measures to use these events for marketing.

Your idea of launching your book might get you incredible response if you publish it on a right day. (A budding writer published her book 3 days before St. Jordi (Barcelona) and the response she received was overwhelming!!)
Real time events are unique opportunities for marketers. They grant the marketers the ability to communicate with their customers immediately. We know you can’t see into the future, and there isn’t a crystal ball that will show you opportunities, but if you can, try and think ahead, brainstorm possible opportunities, and come up with some creative ideas in advance.


Last but not the Least, Are you getting noticed?


With all the hard work in getting the ‘wow’ factor to your table, one has to pause and look at the bigger picture. At this point, it is essential to analyse the ROI boosts, sales performance and the buzz,if any,created by the above mentioned steps. Sometimes it so happens that in order to make a good use of the real time events for marketing our products, we fail to realise that there is a fine line between a real-time marketing strategy that hits the right tone and one that falls flat. You have to learn from these mistakes to make all types of media work well for your brand.

For instance, the tweet by PizzaExpress:

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 10.48.24 pm

The attempt created a lot of buzz but it was quite a naff tweet. While cringeworthy, it still managed to create a lot of flack on twitter.

On the other hand, KitKat’s tweet:

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 10.48.37 pm

The most recent real-time marketing effort of note is by KitKat in response to the iPhone 6 #bendgate scandal. When viewed in isolation, this is a good (and somewhat entertaining) social media piece that has a kind of schadenfreude magnetism to it.
However, notably, the tone is quite a contrast to its usual polite, if somewhat banal, humour seen on KitKat’s social media. Unless it is announcing a bold new direction for the KitKat brand one might question the long term value of this, as any new eyeballs gained will soon start looking elsewhere.

The underlying fact here is that “Being witty is the new cool”. Marketing campaigns these days are trying to crack the monotony of the advertising world by including creative ways, using real time events, going bold with words on record and much more. Bottom line should always be that your brand gets noticed the way you want it to be.

After all, The brand is you, you are the brand.



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