20 essential news about Digital Marketing for 2017 that every marketer should know

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Knowing the latest trends in digital marketing will certainly help us establish actions or strategies applied to our business, which will give us greater visibility on the Internet. This will allow us to be able to capture more leads, customers, and ultimately get more sales.

2017 is already here, and with the new year there has already arrived important news in digital marketing. As a general trend, personalization will be an important priority in all fields of marketing. It is proven that users are increasingly resisting massive advertising. That is why they require increasingly intelligent tools that give the customer personalized content, in time and place. The information provided by the use of Big Data will enable businesses to target their clients in a very specific way, through micro segmentation, that is, to effectively communicate and personalize messages. Now more than ever we will have to show our messages to the users in those moments of their way towards the purchase of your product or service. This is what we call micro-moments (each of the opportunities that we have with our possible future client in real time). For this, it requires a deep analysis and understanding of who your client is, what he needs and how he moves.

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Content marketing will continue to be critical for advertisers, who will continue to show great interest in reaching out to users through content of interest. In addition, more and more companies will count on the presence of an influencer, this trend being one of the many opportunities that brings us in 2017 to open new paths towards the consumer. In addition, there will be an opportunity to deepen artificial intelligence, as well as assist in the heyday of robots. And is that, although it seems strange, perhaps we are still not aware of what levels we are using artificial intelligence.


News in social media


If there is something that will certainly arrive in the new year is the consolidation of social networks. These are key to connecting with consumers. During the past years, we have attended the purchase of WhatsApp and Instagram by Facebook in addition the acquisition of Periscope hand in hand with Twitter. In addition, Microsoft acquired the LinkedIn network.

Here are some of the new features that will bloom in the social networks in the coming year, which will help us to understand what happens in them and what are the elements that change the rules of the game:

1. Live streaming videos: Performing live events has become a new way of relating to the public. Currently platforms like Periscope or Facebook Live attract more and more users. These types of tools are used by brands to build trust and promote credibility from genuine content. From now on, these live videos will be monetized. Major social and digital video platforms, as well as television networks and publishers, will file their claim, leaving marketers with a wide range of options to consider.

2. Chatbots: The new chat tools are changing our conversations. And not only that, in 2017 (where we aim to offer better customer service and a level of quality in the growing interaction), the chatbots will impact the strategy of brands in social networks. This technology that enables us to automate tasks and assist in data collection is becoming a key way to improve the consumer experience.

3. Expiring content like as of Snapchat: In the midst of the large amount of online noise, the challenge is to draw attention without entering a war of saturation of information and cost for the company. From the success of Snapchat and its ephemeral contents, other platforms like Instagram are trying to compete within this current.

4. Automation: Digital automation tools are now more than ever essential to working targeted marketing. These tools are becoming more comprehensive, intuitive and easy to use. Automation software is already a “must” for marketers. And it is on all platforms, also on social networks. Thanks to automation software, social media marketing gains in intelligence, intuitive ability to reach the user and also in cost reduction.

5. The budget for social media will continue to grow: If in 2015, the sellers spent $ 9.74 billion. In 2017 they will spend $ 13.51 billion. By 2019, they will spend $ 17.34 billion – almost twice the budget in 2015. This means two things:

– Social media marketing is working.

– Sellers will have to be more creative than ever, as new entrants will jump and the saturation point of advertising material will increase.

6. Social networks and television: During the last five years, we have been told that television is about to enter a period of sharp decline and that digital video will replace it. Nothing further from reality: the first screen is tougher than we thought. Instead of waiting for television audience figures to decline and adjust to their bleak predictions, the new challenge is for television and social networks to become more and more involved, overcoming the current experiments between them. It is already a fact that consumers are watching television with the mobile phone in their hands. That is why now more than ever brands can benefit from the power of integrating all potential media in your marketing strategy. More information here.

7. Social Commerce: More and more social networks are being able to easily buy and do business from them. According to a Statista study, millennials spend 93% of their time on social networks. Which makes it logical to think that many of the sales of today and tomorrow will pass through social networks.

8. Generation X will once again be the centre of attention in social networks: Members of this generation (from 30 to 55 years old) will once again be in the spotlight. These are committed users (for example, we know that Generation X women are highly committed users when it comes to beauty products). This generation of consumers is seen as an important influence group, related between different generations and being responsible for making important decisions.

9. Customer loyalty goes through a social informal storytelling: This way of doing informal and direct storytelling is increasingly a norm for social networks like Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook. This will require brands to rethink existing guidelines.

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Perhaps among all these innovations, the most unexpected trends are to look for simplicity, simplicity and calm as a reaction to the stress of the digital world. According to Nicole Teeters at Adweek, there are more and more users who turn to YouTube videos for content of tranquillity and relaxation. With this in mind, brands could seek to distinguish themselves by offering fewer experiences but of higher quality, avoiding to increase the disorder and the noise in the social realm. This will make them more effective in reaching the consumer.


Advertising trends


Advertising is poised to experience a boom in the new year. This is due, among other things, to the fact that it will become more and more difficult to obtain the organic scope. Too little space with too much content to show, will make it necessary to use advertising in order to become indispensable. However, as we will see below, more and more often, we will see ads only that really interests us.

10. Boom of influencers: These individuals are the new personalities of 2.0. And while there are still no clear guidelines on how to measure the success of these practices, brands should definitely be thinking of building alliances between the new celebrities of YouTube or Instagram and the products they offer.

11. Emotions will continue to have a significant bearing on what brands do and mean. It is that “emotional” content that usually becomes viral. That is why we must let the imagination fly to offer users nice and pleasant sensations, which are after all more popular and this year will be more recurring in the profiles of brands.

12. Multi-device advertising: Advertising comes to us through all devices and will continue to do so on any screen we have at hand, whether PC, tablet, mobile etc… And not any advertising, but highly focused on our tastes or what we have been watching previously. More and more, we will see ads only of what really interests us. The rise of Smart TV also opens the way for the television we see or the music we hear at home or on the mobile also include such ads. Platforms like Google are expected to go deeper into targeting or extreme segmentation.

13. Programmatic advertising: It not only offers advantages when buying, but gives us some quality in the messages in order to be able to offer the right messages to the right person at the right time. Programmatic advertising will gradually replace what we now call retargeting. This will make digital advertising, in addition to cheaper, also be more relevant and more interesting (something especially the younger generation complains about today).

As we have just seen, individualized advertising is gaining more ground in the marketer world. But what about classic advertising? In the medium term, classic television will continue to play a central role, but even more in combination with online video- and social media formats.


What awaits us in the Mobile sector


Like what happened last year, everything in 2017 will be mobile. Consumers are increasingly using their mobile devices to access virtually everything. This will completely change how they will behave in the social universe and how brands will act in these spaces.

And while mobile marketing and customer loyalty are not new ideas or tactics, the strategy behind them has been dramatically evolving in recent years, and that drive will continue throughout 2017.

14. Mobile advertising will continue on its way to make its way to the top of the advertising world: According to Marketing Directo data, between 2017 and 2019 mobile advertising will increase at extremely important levels. With a market share of 26.7%, in 2019 mobile advertising will hit the heels of television advertising (32.7%) and will leave levels significantly lower than online advertising on desktop devices (14.7%), To advertising in newspapers (8.5%) and to outdoor advertising (6.4%).

Mobile marketing opens up a whole new world of possibilities especially when it comes to real-time needs for salespeople. It helps brands to collect predictive data, to detect patterns within massive databases and, therefore, to generate predictive responses for personalized marketing automation.


New in Ecommerce


To keep up to date in a world as competitive as eCommerce, companies must invest the time and resources in using state-of-the-art techniques for data collection. Also, multi-device purchases, omnicanality or a real reconversion of physical trade, will begin to be the order of the day from the hands of giants like Amazon.

15. Multi-device purchase: To date, few users are limited to a single device when purchasing products. According to Google, almost 85% of consumers start to buy through one medium and end up in another, going through at least three devices or platforms before making the final decision.

16. Artificial intelligence and big data: Like all emerging technologies, at first it is only within the reach of the big ones, but little by little it will become generalized in eCommerce. It is the introduction of artificial intelligence in the process of large amount of data, oriented to know and have a better consumer profile and preferences. Google opened up the way and Amazon continues it, both in its search engine and in its new AmazonGo supermarket, where they have announced that the store will learn the tastes and customs of its customers.

17. Omnichannel and physical and online store integration: Amazon has chosen Seattle as the test bed for AmazonGo and its new concept of a boxless supermarket. This is a real reconversion of the physical trade: Through the mobile, you can take what you want and this will be automatically charged to our Amazon account. This is a start for the removal of barriers between online and offline. If you have a small business and want to be competitive in eCommerce without lower prices, the answer is served: make your store smart, which will allow you to reduce your costs and match prices online and offline without your margin.

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Latest trends in email marketing


During these years, email marketing has grown in importance and will continue to do so. Here are some trends that will help us maintain and retain our customers.

18. Email marketing personalized according to the client: If normally, what is usually invested is in fundraising, this type of strategy on the contrary is based on investing in clients. This will lead us to increase the purchase value and, more importantly, to retain the consumer. To do this, it would be interesting to divide customers into segments, such as new customers, loyal customers and non-active customers. And for each segment, we have to define a different content plan that will help us grow the business and improve the conversion ratios on the current customers. Each client must have their own unique experience with individualized incentives.

19. Context-based content customization in email marketing: Supposes a variant of the previous one; One more step when incorporating certain intelligent personalization systems into email marketing. In order to personalize the user’s experience with the email sent to him, a series of sophisticated algorithms are applied that allow the email to be, besides a conversion channel, a top of the funnel channel, which in turn allows the user to discover products that are certainly of interest to them. This context can be given in the physical place, the time relative to the advent of an event or meteorology, among others. More information here.

20. Automation of conversations with the user. In the coming months, we will see from the departments of CRM and eCommerce will be asked to email marketing teams to implement automations in the most critical touch points of the customer journey. These critical points will be defined according to the model of the user’s lifecycle: capture, loyalty, conversion and recovery.


Following the implementation of any of the trends mentioned above, it is essential to measure the success of the campaign (which is not new, but has been a fundamental condition for any marketing strategy over the years). Companies need to have a unique view of all the actions both online and offline that are being taken to case at that time through the multiple channels. Only then will it be possible to create unique operating profiles for each client.


If you realize that there is an important new digital marketing trend for 2017, please let us know! We will be happy to include it.













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