Creativity, a precious tool in the business of marketing

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Creativity is an exceptional resource to develop tasks different to which they have been doing in traditional way. But normally we do not create something new from scratch. “It all starts when we create something brand new from elements that already exist.


But, what is creativity?


Steve Jobs spoke about creativity and that it was simply just about connecting things: “When you ask creative people how they did something, you feel a bit guilty because in reality they did not create anything, they simply looked at something.” It was obvious after a while. That is because they were able to connect the experiences they already had and synthesized them in new ways.”

Creativity is an exceptional resource to develop work that is different from what they had been doing in the traditional way. Usually, spurs in those moments in which we found out of control.

And there is no greater lawlessness than to be outside your comfort zone. This is when we cease to be “comfortable”. In the time in that this occurs, we see ourselves forced to find points of connection to create a new component. It is here where creativity is born.

But – making reference to the explanation of Steve Jobs – usually we do not create something new from scratch. It all starts from different elements that already exist that we create something new.



Stages of creativity:


Creativity never starts with a blank page. It is inclusive. You need your resources and your previous experience, but also being irrational. During the creative process we find different stages we need to take into consideration:

Curiosity: we have to put ourselves into our surroundings, what we know and what we do not know. Stepping into the unknown is the real challenge. Putting all this together, so that we can begin to create.

Diversity: To get under the skin of another person. Which will give us various ideas of what surrounds us. This way of connecting it all, will provide us with new creations.

Strength: daring to be creative will result in moments of uncertainty. Given this, we must feel secure to continue forward. The intangible needs security to become real.

Balance: Between the rational and the visceral, the more analytical part and the sentimental part. Behind the creativity there must always be a strategy, and vice versa. Without any of these components, the result will not be lasting.

Confidence: We have risk and trust in our decision against the current. Exactly, that is why it engages in creative, so they protrude and believe something different.



Creativity does not come alone; without strategy it does not transcend:


Sigmund Freud spoke of the conscious and the unconscious of the individual. The unconscious impulses manifested through jokes, lapses, failed acts or dreams, while the conscious answers are our controlled behaviour. The interesting thing in creativity is the balance between these two elements. Without it, there is no clear result.

Therefore, the ideal thing is to leave your comfort zone so that new concepts invade you. In which, we have to follow the following steps:

  1. Preparation: filling our brains with information to prepare the mind to seek a solution to the problem that is presented to us.
  2. Incubation: the brain automatically enters this stage from an unconscious thought.
  3. Summons: We begin to sense that one of the ideas that have been passed to us, is better than the others.
  4. Lighting: It is when we have a clear, solid and differential idea.
  5. Verification: It is here we need to adjust the idea to the briefing that has been requested previously.


Creativity is an attitude and we must cultivate it:


Confidence in creativity is an intrinsic characteristic in a really innovative company.

As Enric Barba explained in his book Innovation. 100 tips to inspire them and manage it, really creative people is very difficult to find: “often, these personalities do not fit in very strict organizations. Also, in general they don’t manage administrative responsibilities. However, they are essential for the survival of an innovative company. They are those who truly innovate. We must try to place them in areas where they feel comfortable and to contribute, with their creative ideas, to stimulate the innovative company environment”.

Finally, we are left with this phrase from Mary Lou Cook: “to open new paths, is to invent; experience; grow, taking risks, breaking rules, be wrong… and have fun.”


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