Do you know how to become first? Take advantage of real-time events before your competitors do by using “Moment Marketing”

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With any company, the time to analyze how to create the greatest impact is limited. However, utilizing real-time events is accessible thanks to “Moment Marketing” and the automation of campaigns. This marketing tip permits us to arrive at the right moment for our customers, making our companies’ (before anyone else) product/service become a necessity to the customers.

Today having a monopoly within a sector is nearly impossible. Competitors are always on their heels. However, following some of the tips below can always keep us on the front line.


Some ways to differentiate us from the competition:


1. Knowing your competitors like you know your own company: When thinking about our business, we are interested in analyzing the main competitors we can find. When analyzing, it’s important to consider the following:

 – What are they doing?

– What common sectors do we both occupy?

– What volume of traffic do they have?

However, we must bear in mind that surpassing competition can’t be achieved in two days, and above all, in the case of achieving, it’s not a forever victory.

2. Innovating in the hour of providing quality services: differentiating is paramount, and the best way to achieve that is by offering the best ideas and features. Striving to be different, while also meeting the needs of your customers is the best guarantee to success. Milton Hershey said: “Give them quality. That’s the best kind of advertising.”

3. Implement competitive pricing: While we must not lose the sight of the company’s income and expenses, enter into a price war. Reminder that it can lead to depleted profits, so be strategic.

4. Properly segment your market: Capturing the customer and loyalty is one of the main principles of a company. It’s essential that our market segment gets as close to our target as possible. There is nothing like having clear objectives to pursue the lead towards success. From here, we can always go to expand the range of products to conquer other segments.

5. We know the first: Becoming the first ones is a very complicated situation. And even when that’s achieved, new competitions arrises. To reach the climax of success, we need a strategy that allows us to influence our target audience at the right moment with the right message. To do this, there is nothing more precise than to reach our target in real time. We cannot consider arriving a second later, or we will have failed the strategy.



Moment Marketing gives us the tools to real-time reactions:


Advertising trends are changing. Consumers behave differently at all times. The content changes their decisions. What is really needed are local solutions that adapt to meet increasingly more individualized qualities from the consumers. Marketers have in their hands the ability to communicate as fast as possible while also adjusting to the new demands.

In any company, the time to analyze how to create the biggest impact is minimal. However, leaving a real-time message is accessible through “Moment Marketing” and campaign automation. This type of marketing allows us to arrive at the right time, making our company’s (before any other) product/service a necessity for the user. Setting us apart from the competition has never had such a reliable ally.

“Moment Marketing” shows us how the world is not independent from consumers. This is when companies have the opportunity to strive for excellence. This type of marketing, “here and now”, gives us unique opportunities during real-time to communicate to our customers. What we’ll discuss:

-Who needs the product?

-What are the consumer’s motivations?

-What context is present?

“Moment Marketing” works with data extracted from the precise moment. This is what makes it completely new. Therefore, the message arrives at a useful and contextualized time.

In addition, any company can have these techniques at their fingertips. To do this, the most useful decision is to automate the entire process using a tool of “Moment Marketing.” If not, the process would be carried out manually. This requires significant human effort (and even sometimes almost impossible to achieve).

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