The Perfect Recipe for Christmas Ads: Special Top Ten Christmas Commercials of 2016

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Christmas is arriving earlier and earlier each year. And while the days on the calendar tell us one thing, advertising puts a lot into it so that up to two months before we are already thinking about gifts, ornaments, last minute purchases and returning home for Christmas.

We can say that ads are an inherent part of these holidays. But what is the perfect recipe for a Christmas commercial?




Message expressing a feeling of humanity.

– The landscape must be notoriously winter.

– Play with a hint of humour.

– An argument with a certain intrigue (although we know in advance that it will be an emotive happy ending).

– Include a cute pet.




The first thing is to pay special attention to the message they want to convey. Adding the humanitarian component will never fail. Although the drama must prevail, drawing a smile to the public amid so shedding a tear is also underestimated. We cannot forget to include the seasonal feeling put into the advertisement. The plot has to include a piece of intrigue that makes us stay until the end (even if we are not lovers of this type of ads). The icing on the cake will include a dog, a cat or even foxes or a badger, which will make us gain a lot of content viewers.


The result: our Top Ten Christmas Ads of 2016


There are certain Christmas campaigns that are a true event. Let’s see now what kind of Christmas spots are going most viral in different parts of the world in our special top ten Christmas commercials of 2016:


10. The Greatest Gift – SAINSBURY’S


Sainsbury’s has been presenting one of the most anticipated Christmas ads for several years. This time the musical has been chosen in an animation format in which its protagonist realizes that the best gift we can offer in these holidays is the one of our own presence.


 9. Come Together – H&M


Directed by Wes Anderson and starring Adrien Brody, H&M’s Come Together forms one of the most cinematic spots of 2016. In this 4-minute short, the driver of a train that is late, surprises its passengers with a Christmas scene improvised to perfection.


 8. Frankie’s Holiday – APPLE


Frankenstein and the new iPhone 7 are the protagonists of the Christmas spot of Apple for 2016. This particular protagonist makes use of the latest model of the iPhone to record and then reproduces a touching melody in a visit into the town. To everyone’s surprise, he receives a warm welcome.


 7. Juliette the Doll – McDONALD’S


This year McDonald’s also joins the Christmas campaign with a spot from the Leo Burnett agency. Juliette is a wooden doll whose story reminds us of the popular story of Pinocchio.


6. Coming Home from Christmas – HEATHROW AIRPORT


This sentimental advertisement for traveling teddy bears has been created by Havas London. The couple crosses the different terminals of the airport until they are in the arrivals area, where a true miracle takes place in the eyes of the spectators.


5. Keep them busy – TEMPTATIONS


Lovers of kittens are in luck. From the adam&eveDDB agency, Tempations treats for cats brings us an ad full of felines (specifically 22). These mischievous pets take only a few minutes to stir up an idyllic Christmas scene.


4. Buster the Boxer – JOHN LEWIS


The ad from John Lewis for this Christmas, makes it clear that jumping is not just something for children. What also makes clear is that there is nothing like using absolutely all the ingredients we mentioned above to become one of the star commercials of this winter season.


3. Do you see what I see? – MEIJER


The announcement of Meijer has set out to show us the special magic of the season, in which Santa appears everywhere. With this particular vision of the world under the eyes of children, we are encouraged to believe more than ever in Christmas.


2. Christmas with love from Mrs Claus – M&S


Little Jake has spent the whole year fighting with his sister. Luckily an elegant Mrs. Claus brings the perfect gift for the little girl. The spot was created by RKCR / Y&R, and directed by Tom Hooper. M&S‘s desire was to give its customers a sense of warmth and empathy with a touch of humour, presented in a modern and contemporary way. It seems that they have succeeded.


1. Angielski – ALLEGRO


Grandparents’ spots are being placed at the top in the latest Christmas campaigns. In this Polish advertisement of the Bardzo agency, the endearing Held finds a compelling reason to learn a new language: he is going to make a very special visit this Christmas.


If you think that we have forgotten an announcement or you do not agree with our Top Ten, let us know! Any suggestions are most welcomed!


Happy Holidays!

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